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"Purchasing an exotic sports car such as the 2009 Audi R8 from Chicago Motor Cars was an absolute delight. The staff is quite cooperative and respects all your needs. Steve Pacciano sealed the deal for me the mans year of knowledge made it possible for me to pick the right car! I could not be more satisfied with my choice. Chicago Motor Cars took care of me like I was an old loyal frequenter. Absolutely topnotch, well-maintained inventoryI did not even find a small scratch on my Audi as the odometer only showed a reading of 15K miles. Will recommend every car fanatic to give their inventory section a visit they give crisp HD photos for free. Im a very happy camper, completely satisfied with how I was handled by the staff at Chicago Motor Cars."
Rick C, Arkansas

"I dont know what made me order such a significant purchase but Chicago Motor Cars inventory is absolutely irresistible!! I was looking for a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 when a friend of mine recommended Chicago Motor Cars to me. While many auto dealerships were unable to locate a Z06 for me, Chicago Motor Cars had three of them in its inventory! I contacted Geoff Serino, the dealerships finance head, to assist me and consider special concession on my purchase. Geoff was a wonderful guy he asked me regarding my requirements and asked me to place an order online. The Z06 I picked was only used for 3.5K miles during its entire life and only had one previous owner. Geoff gave me a special concession on the request of my friend and I got my very own Corvette for $65,000. Love it, beastly in performance, a plain beauty by looks. Thanks Chicago Motor Cars a customer well served." 
Elvin V, Florida

"The moment you reach the showroom, you are bound to fall in love with Chicago Motor Carsthe cars they have loaded over there are just brilliant. The breathtaking Ferraris and those crazy-as-a-bull Lambos gave me such long-lasting goose bumps down my spine. The way I see it if you only visit the Chicago Motor Cars showroom personally, you ought to shop from there. Matter of fact, youre going to become one of their loyal customers, just like me! My purchase was of an Aston-Martin V8 Vantage which was hardly driven 5 -10 times around Chicagos streets! It had only done 500 miles as new as a pre-owned vehicle can get. The professionalism of the customer rep Steve Ruiz gave me the best customer experience ever. Thanks Chicago Motor Cars. - Joey W, Colorado
Buying a car from Chicago Motor Cars was nonesuch. Two words fully describe their ordering process superfast and unarguably convenient. I wanted to buy a nice, clean pre-owned vehicle from the market but wasnt really getting my hands on one. After contacting several auto dealerships, I had given up because the cars were really below par. Then I saw a 2006 BMW 750Li put on for sale on Chicago Motor Cars through the DealerRater website. I took a detailed look at the pictures and wanted to personally give the car a check. I gave the showroom a ring, and Mike Simon answered. I asked Mike if I could give the car a test drive and he invited me to come over. I cant thank these guys enough. The car was in unparalleled condition! The Grey Metallic color looks stunning and the car runs just like new." 

Nate F, Connecticut

"I am an Audi fan and have used older models such as A8 4.2 FSI Quattro, A8 3.0 TDI Quattro. The Audis Quattro all wheel drive system distributes the torque among all vehicles in such a proportion making the drive a powerful and pleasant one. Thanks to one of my old buddy who helped me securing the deal for my present car 2011 Audi A8 L 4.2 Quattro from the Chicago Motor Cars. This was my first experience with this dealership but it all went superbly. My buddy drove me to the showroom and we met with Rick Carlson who showed us the black beauty that had done only 30K miles and was in scratch less condition. Rick was really helpful in closing the deal. I am really impressed with the professionalism of the dealership and of course the daily drive of my Audi adding up to my satisfaction barometer." 
Mike B, River Forest

"I run a small logistics business in Illinois and my job usually require long haul travel and that too at short notice. I really need a reliable vehicle that could withstand the rigors of my demanding job. I have been using Audi different versions for quite some time and kind of really satisfied with its comfortable and power drive features on the road. Last summer, while searching for the Audi other versions on the internet I came across the website of Chicago Motor Cars and found loads of useful information about different available cars including the Audi versions. I became particularly interested in Ibis White 2012 Audi A7 3.0 Prestige Quattro 4 door Sedan. It had only done 15K on the road and seemed to be in immaculate condition. On maiden visit to the showroom I was greeted by sales person Barry Delisi whose professional dealing and the knowledge about Audis really impressed me. Berry was instrumental in negotiating a hard to resist sales deal for me. I am enjoying a lot my newly bought Audi. David K, Illinois
I recently struck a deal with Chicago Motor Cars showroom for the 2011 Bentley Continental GT 80-11 Edition 2dr convertible. It has scratch less exterior of Granite Metallic. It all started with a search on internet for 2dr Bentley that I came across the website of Showroom. I thoroughly checked the posted pictures of car portraying the exterior, lush interior and other dimensions of the car. It seemed to be in excellent condition. On visit to the showroom I was greeted by the courteous staff. Their behavior was excellent and the concerned Sales Person Chris Moran was a thorough professional and very friendly. He offered me a long test drive that really helped me in deciding and first hand experiencing the features of the Bentley. It was surely one of the best shopping experiences ever. Thanks Chicago Motor Cars, look forward to buying a bike from you guys as well."

John P, Texas

"Last year, I bought a 2009 Aston Martin V8 Vantage (Tungsten Silver) from Chicago Motor Cars. Being a sports car patron myself, I loved the way Chicago Motor Cars treats its inventory of exotic and high line cars. I saw some of the rarest masterpieces being parked all around the showroom, such as the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette and the Ford GT. Chicago Motor Cars is not just an auto dealership specializing in quality pre-owned vehicles; its just heavens for people like me! I was looking for clean Aston Martins in the market which did not have a 5-figure mileage on them, and thats when I found Chicago Motor Cars elite inventory full of V8 Vantages. My Aston Martin was the most recent addition to their addition, as per their expert sales rep and now a good friend, Steve Ruiz. It only had 9,600 miles on it, and looked just like it had come straight from the official dealership to be parked here in the showroom for me to take a look! After looking at the verified documents and giving a detailed look to the authentic Car Fax report, I finally placed my order to Chicago Motor Cars, and it was processed within one business day. Steve, meanwhile, kept me updated regarding new Aston Martins, as he has a lot of knowledge on the automobiles industry. I must say, the guy did everything to provide me one of the best customer experiences to make my investment worth it. There is no way I would have anything to complain about. Steve took care of everything, and kept everything transparent while doing the paperwork and processing my transaction. The car had a single owner, as stated on their website, and only had four oil replacements with a null record for maintenance and/or breakdowns. I believe if you are to buy a brand new zero-meter sports car, youre just wasting your money! Get a slightly used vehicle for thousands below retail and enjoy huge savings. I never thought I would be holding the keys to an Aston Martin one day, thank you Chicago Motor Cars for making that possible."
Thomas R, New York

"Chicago Motor Cars has helped me immensely in making the right choice for my car. I was about to be scammed by someone who had a refurbished 2010 Dodge Charger which he claimed to be untouched and completely scratch-less. I was about to pay over $45K to the man, and thats when my friend suggested I should go pay an auto dealership a visit. As Chicago Motor Cars was the closest to my place, I went to them and asked if they had any Dodge Chargers around. The showroom is absolutely filled with stunning car pieces. I couldnt believe I was walking past a Maybach and a Ford GT it gave me goosebumps. The customer support staff member Robbie A. assisted me and showed me a posh 2012 Dodge Charger SRT which had only done 15K miles. Luckily, it was my favorite color as well (Jet Black). I was willing to buy from them, but as it was the most recent model, I thought Chicago Motor Cars might be asking well over $50K from me, and thats something I couldnt afford. Robbie told me the price and I was shocked! They were giving it for just $39K, and I couldnt believe they are actually offering a Dodge Charger to me with such an affordable price tag. To look for clues, I searched the CarFax report and found out that Chicago Motor Cars Dodge was absolutely clean with no past records while the other mans 2010 Dodge Charger had undergone major refurbishment from the front and on the left side. This is how I saved thousands of dollars from getting scammed. I straightaway placed an order for the 2012 SRT through Chicago Motor Cars and got it the very next evening. These guys are doing a fine job in providing their customers what they want. I am truly thankful to Robbie, who was so cooperative and provided the best customer experience ever. The Dodge even had the remainder of 3 year warranty provided by the company! Im a proud and happy Dodge Charger owner today."
Simon H, Hamilton

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